Wide Range Gauge-Head RS40i-XT

The measurement of zinc coatings using the XRF method limits the useful measurement range to 350 g/m². In view of the increased quality standards users increasingly criticize the measurement accuracy and reproducibility even for coatings above 300 g/m².

Rayonic has solved this problem with the new gauge-head RS40i-XT. It increases the useful measurement range for zinc coatings to 500 g/m² and beyond. This has been made possible by including elastic and inelastic scattering in the coating into the measuring effect. The energy of elastic and inelastic scattered X-rays is determined by the primary x-ray beam and the measurement geometry. Whereas in the XRF effect the energies of the fluorescence radiation are fixed the energies involved in the scattering processes can be adapted to the required coating thickness. The extension to thicker coatings should however not affect the high accuracy in the thin range. This could be achieved with a specially designed ionization chamber with high efficiency. The result is a valuable addition of the RS-40 series of coating weight gauges: the RS40i-XT with a measurement range of 10 - 500 g /m².

Existing RS-40 coating weight gauges in hot-dip galvanizing lines can be upgraded.


METEC 2011

metec 01 269x201Successful METEC 2011

After five days the METEC 2011 closed on 28.07.2011 in Düsseldorf with a new visitor record. Also the Rayonic booth attracted a great deal of customers' attention and will keep the sales staff busy with responding to all the inquiries. Aside from the standard products the new developments in coating weight measurement gained considerable interest.